How Five-Star Reviews Improve Your Sales


Mr. Liu is a computer scientist at the University of Illinois. The New York Times interviewed him about the benefits of obtaining five-star reviews and this is his reply.

Vulcan Waterproofing Reviews

“More people are depending on reviews for what to buy and where to go, so the incentives for faking are getting bigger. It’s a very cheap way of marketing.”


In whatever website, whether it offers a quality service or a range of physical products, it remains true that the presence of consumer reviews gives rise to advanced methods in purchase decisions. Both retailer and manufacturer depend on what they read in the review.


If for an instance an author of a book being sold in Amazon receives a number of positive feedback, they will buy the product immediately even if it means they still need to save more money just to afford the book.


Why Everybody Loves the Five-Star-Review


A review becomes the gold star indicator for buying decision. People expect to see it near the title of your product. They want to see it in your Facebook official page. Here’s an example of a Facebook page with great reviews for basement waterproofing in NJ, NY, Ct and Pa.. (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Philadelphia)


A review gives them the answers they seek. To them, a five-star-review sends a positive message that they can trust you and your product. This being said, the more good reviews they read, the more likely they will buy. They will not second guess about their decision.


A review means attention. The written information will be remembered by hundreds of people and will be shared by word of mouth. It spreads like a virus and will ultimately double or triple your sales like it has for this waterproofing company in New York.

Five-Star Reviews in Amazon


Receiving reviews is not only important, it also imperative that you give reviews. In book industry, this technique benefits you as the author. It gives you the amount of reviews related to your reviewer ranking. Since you’re the author, you are expected to read numerous books. For this, you’re encouraged to convince more people to write as many reviews for you and post them on Amazon.


Writing reviews is time-consuming, yes. Yet, if you’ll do it correctly, it’s time well-spent. An ideal review is a minimum of two paragraphs. You also want to write as many reviews for other authors in exchange of a review on your book. This technique shows your credentials while simultaneously increasing exposure of your book.


While writing reviews, you send a clear message and an insightful review of the product. It should be your goal to show viewers that your writing style intrigues various viewers as they conduct a search on Amazon.

Another good place to put reviews in on YouTube videos. Here’s an example of a video made of Vulcan Basement Waterproofing Reviews.

 8 Reasons Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

Wet Basement NJ

Wet Basement NJ

A basement is a house foundation. Of all the storms, snowing and extreme heat, it supports everything you see inside the bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom and patio. In other words, like all our involuntary muscles in the body, your basement works 24/7.

That’s why; it deserves your love and regular attention. It needs to be protected from all leaks, cracks, mildew and molds. Stop treating it as a dirty laundry room; instead, have a budget for waterproofing services.

Waterproofing is quite expensive. However, waterproofing improves the overall quality of your house. Not only that, some waterproofing companies in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware offers a free basement inspection conducted by a trained professional.

You may ask: Are there benefits for basement waterproofing? Is it worth the money? Answer is: Yes and yes. Basement waterproofing is one of the smartest decisions in life. Truth is; there are other eight reasons why.

1.    Peace of Mind

It  means your house stands on a firm foundation that will last for years. You’ll no longer feel worried once a storm comes.

2.    Free from Diseases

It is a clean area for entertainment or library. It’s an open and airy environment that is free from toxic dusts, which bring respiratory diseases for your family.

3.    Reduce Energy Costs

To waterproof an entire basement cost $10,000 or more. However, this means more savings for your electricity. During warm season, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work harder to get rid of the warm moist. Duiring cold season, sealed walls and floor prevent the entrance of cold air and water.

4.    No Sloping Floors

A weak basement is the reason you see and feel uneven floors. It either means the foundation needs immediate repair or those inevitable cracks needs to be sealed.

5.    Guests’ Area

A waterproofed basement is the perfect area to welcome guests. You don’t have to share a bedroom with them or your siblings sharing theirs.

6.    Good Storage Area

A basement is not an ideal storage area. Storing it with heavy loads results to crack floors. Yes, a basement makes a good storage area only if you’ll limit the quantity of loads. For example, only have one average-sized cabinet than three.

7.    Free Gym

Paying a gym every month is unnecessary. A waterproofed basement makes a good place for your regular workout. You can even divide the whole area into two. One area for strength conditioning (dumbbells, barbell and kettle balls) and the other for flexibility.

8.    Easy Buy

Selling your house is easier. A fully-waterproofed basement means less expenses for the buyers in terms of house repairs and maintenance.

Professional, reliable, and experienced — Vulcan Waterproofing has been in the business for over 65 years, offering basic waterproofing services in New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware. For free basement inspections and appraisals. Just call  877.885.2268.